Still Hungry

by Rahrah the Savage

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Ron Shubio
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Ron Shubio The whole album is great, but this song would fit perfectly in my Flume + Odesza + Chet Faker Pandora station. Favorite track: Feeling it Too.
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The latest EP from the Savage, features hard-hitter bass driven beats with energetic flow and melodic choruses. All of the beats from this EP (with the exception of "Bills Remix" was made by "Cha$e" and all the tracks were engineered by Mammyth


released January 30, 2015

Engineer - Mammyth (
Producer - Chase (



all rights reserved


Rahrah The Savage Chicago, Illinois

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Track Name: Rahrah the Savage - Wav Files
I got wave files on my mind
I just need some fire imma set it off
Spaceship with a throne and I’m taking off
used to wait around but now my patience gone

3 course meals I’m still hungry
my team gunning
for the throne

I’m impatient I’m trail blazing they let me into my zone
Funny thing is I aint coming alone
I got a team and we all tryna throw
I must confess I’m as high as a drone
Guarding my castle are walls made of stone (woah)

I’m trying to own
so many homes
I don’t even know where I should stay (no way)
But I gotta stay humble I gotta stay hungry no you wont see no scraps on the plate
Chase be sending me beats I do nothing but sleigh them they sleeping but we been awake
It’s all part of the movement so much more than music the beacon we leading the way

Living in a day age, with all kinds of hate,
I can feel the rage,
Over beats I educate, gotta live good let me demonstrate
Gotta weed through the bull see through the fake
aint a masquerade so put the mask away
show your true self, in this time and place
learn the mind state of a new age

I got wave files on my mind
I just need some fire imma set it off
Spaceship with a throne and I’m taking off
used to wait around but now my patience gone
Track Name: Rahrah the Savage & WebsterX - Leanin (feat. WebsterX)
Wake up wake up smell the roses
I bet that they aint noticed
That my team is on the rise and we some edgar allen poets
Potent potions for these fakers take one puff I see em choking
See fugasies in my rear view but I only pay attention to the real

You say that there’s no hope but oh I believe in magic
And if you cant see my perspective man that shit is tragic
they don’t see whats happening, they tryna keep us trapped in
and usually I lay low but music makes me savage

never been known for passive
I’m randy moss I’m snatchin
We burning up like matches
All my opponents lacking

Perfect my swag and fashion
Live shows you feel the passion
White boy be he be snappin
That’s why they call me savage!! (HEY)


Haters be talking that shit but I’m really not hearing it
It never gets me
I just keep grinding and doing my thing and real people fuck with it
We keep it coming in

I do not fuck with no rappers with meaningless verses that shit is embarrassing
You need some parenting
Real from the leaves to the stump,
Run past the endzone like I’m forest gump (GO)

(watch yourself) (never know what step will be your last you better watch yaself!)

cold train for the fake lames, we be talking that jazz a lot
sir spazz a lot, meetings at a round table looking something Camelot
a burning flame is not, not even half this hot
and I’m

D bridge

I been working way too long,
They say how long were you gone
I’ve been gone since day one, you got nothing on me son
Track Name: Bang Bang
Bang Bang
All day all night all your hear is
Ohhh that’s right

Bang Bang
All day all night all your hear is
Ohhh that’s right

Fuck the media bullshit you feed us on the news
You don’t do it for the people you just do it for you

You see their always tryna fatten they wallets
Corrupt politicians that’s the reason that we call her
windy city
Don’t get me started on the piggies
On Michigan ave taking selfies with the biddies
But police would never walk around the southside...
You would rather watch the homicides from the sidelines

You swore protect us but you just arrest us
And then just expect us to turn it around
But with a criminal record it seems like suddenly there’s no more jobs to be found

I seen a couple kids yesterday they was
Selling on the corner
no computer for a resume

and you expect who to behave!? FUCK YOU
that’s the reason all night all day its BANG BANG

Bang Bang
All day all night all your hear is
Ohhh that’s right

Bang Bang
All day all night all your hear is
Ohhh that’s right

Do you believe everything yo hear?
Do you believe everything you see?
Do you allow your mind to be free?
Or do you listen when the TV speaks?

Allow yourself to think beyond
The news at 6 and ten o clock they tend to lie
Blaming problems on the victims of the system (bang bang)
30 rounds what an awful sound bang Bang

Give em a badge and a chopper watch em turn into monsters I swear that it will
Watch em shoot rounds at a teenager over some baggies of pills,
This shit makes me ill, and all I can do is just watch from the sidelines
While their on the field if you feel what I feel
Aint no stopping us now, they think they control us there’s no way no how they taking us down

Sick of watching bullshit on TV
Sick of all bullshit that I read
Sick of all the long nights I cant sleep
Cuz all I hear at night is sirens in the streets

He shot me down, that awful sound
Track Name: Rahrah the Savage - WAR
Feelin like I’m the 60’s I don’t know about you but you aint drafting me (WOO)
Why we sending people overseas, there’s a war right here on my city streets

Someone call the paramedics cuz I’m back again
and I can feel the adrenaline rushing in
we at war everyday and there’s no time to lose so
get funky go stupid let lose LETS MOVE

chase add the bass til it shakes the ground,
we at war and everybody’s tryna take me down
but I aint down and out I stand on solid ground
I’m on top the world no better time than now

I would love to sleep
But I hear is SIRENS (SRIENS)
How long will it take for you to wise up
Who will put a stop to this violence!?
Everybody talks about it but I never see a change,
all is see is
AK bullets let em rain down because it pours when it rains (BANG BANG)

Feelin like I’m the 60’s I don’t know about you but you aint drafting me (WOO)
Why we sending people overseas, there’s a war right here on my city streets

Run for ya lives! RUN FOR YA LIVES!
Why is everybody blind to these blatant lies!?
Instilling fear in our hearts and minds
Tryna keep us blind from their blatant lies!?

The wealthiest nation and yet we have nothing
a renaissance coming from those that are struggling
And hustling and grinding and work 9 to 5 and
Were sick of the bullshit you feed us believe us

were coming with numbers awaken the slumber
you better take cover its bout to go down
we gon have you surrounded and leave you dumbfounded
the savage the tyrant I’m snagging the crown imma
man on a mission with visions so vivid
I’m leaving behind all the weak and the timid
I’m in it
and I cant get out
Real talk aint nobody gonna stop me now
Track Name: Rahrah the Savage - Feeling it Too
As soon she walked the door
I knew that she was golden no lie

Her beauty I just cannot ignore
While she dance her jewelry shine in the lights,

We fall in love in the late night hours and by morning
I can’t get her body off of my mind
You got me faded running circles round my head darling
She is the one I thought I never would find

Nobody got me pheending quite like you do
Its must be the way that she moves
she got me feeling it to (she got me feeling it too)
Track Name: Bills Remix (feat. Siren)
The way you slow it down for me babe
Oh girl I wish you would
I see you loving that attention
I know you’re up to no good (WHOO)

Sipping tanquerai and tonic
She drop it low when’s at the club and you know
She know she got it
The body of a goddess she got everybody watching
Exactly how you she want it
and she know thas true
mamasita come through

bring some friends who cool
and down to ride
I got plans in store. That she gon like oh girl your just my type

Gotta be beautiful on the outside and real in her mind
Don’t knock me out of my zone don’t kill my high (lets go)

Come live the life that I live
Gotta Small circle all real
this shit gon give you chills
from the chi town to mil

tell no lie stay true
don’t flex round my crew

All that shit that you do I’ve been through it already (already)
The waves got me trippin but I keep the boat steady
I got losbster and mari on top on toppa spaghetti
Like spongy I yell to the world that ready

these fucking losers
like amuse bouches
they be gone one bite, scared of the night,
scared of the power & scared of the mike
I aint never been scared of the lights,
the harder I’m grinding the brighter they shine
colder than ice I be running this life
for the homies who know I’m rollin up doughdee
I’m number 8 kobe I’m holding the trophy lehh go